Opening Ceremonies for IYA2009

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) officially kicked off during opening ceremonies at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, on January 15th and 16th, and Chandra was there to help.
FETTU In Paris
In addition to being part of the "100 Hours of Astronomy" and "365 Days of Astronomy" podcasts projects, Chandra is the leading force behind the "From Earth to the Universe" cornerstone. We've talked about this project before in the blog, known lovingly as FETTU, and it looks like we can look forward to seeing versions of it in some 40 countries around the world.
FETTU In Paris
FETTU In Paris
To get the hundreds of participants at the opening ceremonies a taste of FETTU, we brought 6 of the some 125 FETTU images to Paris. Take a look. We can't wait to see FETTU in its full glory in the upcoming months.

Megan Watzke & Kim Arcand, CXC

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