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M15: Neutron stars in the globular cluster M15 in the constellation Pegasus.
(Credit: NASA/GSFC/N.White, L.Angelini)

Caption: The Chandra X-ray Observatory image of a previously identified neutron star binary system in the globular cluster M15, revealed not one binary system, but two appearing in close proximity. In the neutron star binary system on the left source (left) the neutron star is hidden by an accretion disk of hot matter swirling onto it from its companion star. The second neutron star binary system (right) undergoes occasional X-ray outbursts that reveal the surface of the neutron star. This is the first time that more than one neutron star binary system has been observed in a globular cluster.

Scale: Image is 26 arcsec on a side.

Chandra X-ray Observatory ACIS /HETG Image

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