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Chandra Coloring & Activity Book
Constellations Posters Astronomers have been building telescopes both in space and on the ground -- to help further our understanding of the Universe. This series of posters represents some of the most dramatic images made by combining data from the best of modern telescopes.
 Hot Stories of Cool Science
Hot Stories of Cool Science This 26-page ebook for kids (PDF) includes general information on stellar birth: Stars are amazing. They look like tiny pinpoints of shining light that seem to last forever. However, that is not the case. Just like people, stars are born, live for a while, and then die. Let’s find out more about baby stars. (pdf)
Color the Universe
Color the Universe This 22-page activity book for kids includes general information on light, X-ray astronomy, and NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. It also looks at our solar system and Milky Way Galaxy, black holes, supernovas, galaxy clusters and more. Each image is accompanied by a summary of information. Activities include mazes, word searches, connect-the-dots, and coloring. (pdf)
Chandra Coloring & Activity Book
Chandra Coloring & Activity Book This 28-page coloring and activity book includes general information on X-ray astronomy, Chandra and the STS-93 mission. It also looks at black holes, supernovas, galaxy clusters and more. Activities include mazes, word searches, connect-the-dots, crossword, code break, and word jumble. (pdf)
Small image of the Chandra spacecraft coloring page
Color the Chandra X-ray Observatory Since its launch on July 23, 1999, the Chandra X-ray Observatory has been NASA's flagship mission for X-ray astronomy. Download a coloring page of the spacecraft. (pdf)
Galaxy Clusters & the X-ray universe
Galaxy Clusters & the X-ray universe What is the X-ray universe? Why observe the universe with different types of telescopes? These questions and others are answered. Special feature: an acitivity in which you make an X-ray image of a galaxy cluster. (pdf)
Tracking Chandra Tutorial
Tracking Chandra Tutorial Is Chandra really up there? In case you wondered, take a look at these pictures shot by a 25 cm telescope. Special feature: a tutorial that lets you see what Chandra's orbit looks like using online software. (pdf & html)
Chandra Trading Cards
Chandra Trading Cards Learn some interesting facts about the Chandra X-ray Observatory and what it studies. The cards are fashioned in an easy-to-use question & answer format.
(pdf & html)
NASA Great Observatories Paper Models
NASA Great Observatories Paper Models Learn more about NASA's eyes in the sky by constructing the paper models contained in the publication "NASA's Great Observatories." The Chandra X-Ray Observatory is one of three observatories featured. (pdf)