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Video Series: 2009

Recent discoveries and updates of the Chandra mission in video and audio formats.

Best of The Beautiful Universe (12-28-2009)
In its first decade of exploration, Chandra has expanded our view of the universe with its unrivaled ability to create high-resolution X-ray images of cosmic phenomena.

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Chandras Extraordinary Universe (12-21-2009)
In ten years of operation, the Chandra X-ray Observatory has transformed our view of the high-energy universe with its ability to make exquisite X-ray images of star clusters, supernova remnants, galactic eruptions, and collisions between clusters of galaxies.

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Multiwavelength Crab Nebula in 60 Seconds (12-07-2009)
The Crab Nebula is one of the most studied objects in the night sky. This version of the Crab Nebula combines data from three different telescopes.

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--  The Crab Nebula: A Cosmic Icon

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Multiwavelength Galactic Center in 60 Seconds (11-23-2009)
This never-before-seen view of the turbulent heart of our Milky Way combines a near-infrared view from Hubble, an infrared image from Spitzer, and X-ray data from Chandra.

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The Cassiopeia A in 60 Seconds (11-09-2009)
Cassiopeia A is a supernova remnant found embedded in the constellation that bears its name, which is known as the queen in Greek mythology.

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