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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 7 December 2001 10.00am EST

During the last week the loads were interrupted on 1 Dec due to an execution of the Science Instrument safing SCS 107. The SCS was executed by the OBC as a result of the EPHIN hardware fault flag being set. Analysis of both real-time and dump data showed no problems with the hardware and a procedure was run on Dec 3 to re-initialize the OBC EPHIN process and resume science. The initial engineering assessment points to a glitch in the data path between the EPHIN, EIO and OBC (possibly due to a single event upset) that resulted in the OBC failing to detect an expected EPHIN counter increment. Installation of a glitch counter will be considered as a possible action from the event.

A real-time procedure was completed on Dec 6 to uplink the momentum unloading dead-zone patch to the B-side OBC. This follows the loading of the A-side patch on Nov 12 and completes the patch process.

The schedule for the coming week is shown below and includes a Target Of Opportunity accepted on Dec 3. The TOO, XRF01113,0 is a Gamma Ray Burster and will be observed in coordination with a number of other telescopes including HST, Keck and the VLA. This weeks schedule also includes a series of observations of the asteroid 1998 WZ24.

Radiation Belts                      Dec 9
XRF011130               ACIS-I
RCW 38                  ACIS-I       Dec 10
1998 WT24 (3 obs)       ACIS-S       Dec 11
Vela Pwn                ACIS-S
Radiation Belts
SNR 1987A               ACIS-S       Dec 12
0208-512                ACIS-S       Dec 13
UM425                   ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                      Dec 14 
IC4296                  ACIS-S       Dec 15
PSR 0656+14 (2 obs)     ACIS-S
Betelgeuse              ACIS-I
3C78                    ACIS-S
BRI 2212-1626           ACIS-S       Dec 16
Cygnus Loop NE1         ACIS-S
2MASSJ171442+2602       ACIS-I
AGX J170730+2353        ACIS-I


All spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

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