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Animations & Video: Early Results from the Chandra X-ray Observatory
Page 1
1. Chandra, One Year Later: 1999-2000
Shockwave Movie (3.2 MB)
Quicktime Animation (4.5 MB)
A look at some of the Chandra X-ray Observatory images from its first year of operation (1999-2000). Highlights include a collection of galaxy clusters, supernovae, galaxies and black holes.
[Runtime: 1:35]
(Credit: CXC) - View "1st Year" article

Click for Animation
2. Chandra & The Crab Nebula
Quicktime Animation
Small (160 x 120 pixel frame) (4.7 MB)
Large (489 x 367 pixel frame) (10.1 MB)
Chandra's-eye view of the Crab nebula. First is a view of Chandra pointing toward the visible light image of the Crab nebula, and then zooming in with the X-ray view.
[Runtime: 0:08]
(Animation: NASA) - View Crab Images

Click for Animation
3. Diamond Ring Surrounds Crab Pulsar
RealPlayer Movie
NASA Press Conference: After barely two months in space, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has taken a stunning image of the Crab Nebula, the spectacular remains of a stellar explosion, and has revealed something never seen before: a brilliant ring around the nebula's heart.
[Runtime: 47:25]
(Video: NASA) - View Crab Images

Click for animation
4. Chandra's First Light
RealPlayer Movie
NASA Press Conference: Extraordinary first images from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory trace the aftermath of a gigantic stellar explosion in such stunning detail that scientists can see evidence of what may be a neutron star or black hole near the center. Another image shows a powerful X-ray jet blasting 200,000 light years into intergalactic space from a distant quasar.
[Runtime: 1:08:21]
(Video: NASA) - View First Light Images

Page 1